In depth analysis of products and operations across the entire industry
Customize solutions at different levels according to the diverse needs of each customer
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Track new retail models and trends, and create popular social e-commerce gameplay such as live streaming, distribution, group buying, bargaining, and lottery; Connect multiple user data and build a comprehensive solution for the new retail social online shopping mall of the entire market

Product Display
Product display is one of the most important functions of online shopping applications. The high-quality experience of users browsing products can increase sales conversion rates, and the presentation form is no longer limited to pictures. The user experience tends to be diversified
Product Search
The logic of product search is related to user traffic reach and is the guarantee for the long-term operation of the platform. Only by continuously providing traffic to various products and merchants in a positive manner can the platform's growth be promoted
Auxiliary functions, personal center
The auxiliary functions, personal center, and customer service center mainly provide basic services to users, and most of the functions are essential modules
Purchase payment
The purchase of payment modules focuses on security, and the APICloud platform provides a variety of payment modules


Online shopping mall backend
For the management backend of merchants, it actually requires a very mature process experience, rigorous logical relationships between functions, close interdependence of various links throughout the transaction process, and real-time data exchange; For the iterative upgrade of user side functions, the management backend needs to be updated synchronously. As the saying goes, one move can affect the whole system, but often layout adjustments may affect the overall backend functions

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